Day 66 – Teddy’s Teething Troubles

As was partly expected, things are settling down with Teddy, although he remains a very active, very clever, very sneaky little pup. At his best he is an absolute joy, fun to play with, a very avid learner, a keen assimilator of knowledge and wheezes, and the most sociable dog one could imagine….. with people. He hasn’t met a person he hasn’t loved just yet. When my brother comes around on a Saturday, he’s all over him. He runs up, shaking his booty and his incredibly long tail, and jumps and kisses him. So much so, he has one jealous owner. Me!

But since we last met, or at least, I last wrote, there has only been so much to write. I’ve not been able to take him to too many places because we want to ease his development, not get it too out of hand. We do need to get him used to the car, but time is always short. We must take him somewhere soon, but want him to develop a bit more before we do. And be prepared for the consequences. Like many things with dogs, or puppies, it is in the eye of the individual beholder. One size does not fit all. One technique doesn’t always work so you need to try another. At the moment the catch-all “reason” for some of his less good behaviour is his teething. When he chews everything that moves, or doesn’t, he appears to be a much more irritable, attention seeking dog. In the last couple of days, as we believe these have eased, he’s been amazing. Last night we were taking selfies. He rarely sat still long enough for them to work. Those that know me can see these on Facebook or Instagram. Regrettably, due to the cricket blog, which is under my pseudonym and this blog is linked on the Twitter feed, I won’t be putting them up there. A pity there’s a number of vile individuals about who I can’t trust to behave. No matter.

On the Facebook group I did mention he was attacked by an unsocialised dog. It’s not the first time a dog from there has attacked one of ours, but at least this time it wasn’t a “Staff”. However, initially Ted did not react well to other dogs, but he’s getting better. He’s still a little anxious around dogs his own size, but gets on well with bigger dogs. I am confident we’ll be fine.


Teddy has now done super well on the toilet training, and we are thrilled. He’s also learned a trick we think might impress those who meet him. It’s certainly funny. He’s still a little bitey with me, but it waxes and wanes. His teeth are now falling out and being replaced with the proper ones, so there’s fun ensuing. Other amusing things is we have a prism in the garden that refracts the light so little rainbow effects are on our living room floor. Teddy tries to pounce on them, not knowing what they are. I think you have to see it. He’s also quite transfixed on the aircraft flying above our house, and also, sometimes on the cricket on TV. He’s already learned the Jake trick of nosing the ball down the stairs, he’s better at releasing than Jake was at his age, well at any age, and he’s a really nice walker on the lead/harness, which Jake was never great at either. He’s not quite the loving puppy Jake was (he was super super friendly), but there’s little doubt we have another smart one on our hands.20190209_105810-01.jpeg

As you can tell, Jake remains very much in my mind. The 23rd marks four months since our beloved Jake passed away. It has effects in many ways. I don’t think we’ll ever be over fussing over every little ailment a dog may have. The internet is a blessing and a curse. It gives you good advice and it makes you panic. I felt we missed things with Jake, and I believe the vet did too. But would it have mattered? The problem is, that we remember what we did that we question ourselves about, but don’t remember the good things we did. That’s new to me. I keep telling myself that logic overrides emotion. I just wish I could adhere to it. This blog doesn’t refer to Jake much, but for those who might not know of him, here’s a picture of him in happier times.


So, Teddy. Not many new pictures for you to look at, they are all indoors or possibly, if I have the time, from the wife’s camera over the park. I hope I have some better pics for the next blog post, which will be when I have something exciting to report, but as Teddy passes four months old (which he did on the 10th), as we come to terms that he has Aussie dog blood in him, and that this dog is growing so fast I won’t be able to carry him soon, we know this is a star of the future in our lives.


(Here’s his trick – he goes out for a late night wee before I go to bed. He creaks out of the crate as he pretends he doesn’t really need to go. He walks towards the living room / hallway door in a bid to go upstairs, but I catch him and carry him outside. We have a minute stand-off as he wants to be petted, and he shakes his tail. I close the back door. He goes for a pee in his fave spot, then walks back to the door. I open it, and he trots off to the living room/hallway door, and up the stairs before I can get near him. I then have to get him from the bedroom, carry him down the stairs, put him in his crate, and he settles down as if nothing had happened. Every day that dog gets heavier. Every day. Either I have to go to weight classes, or we have to do this a different way!)

I Love This Picture…..

(Oh yes, then there’s my routine now when I come home from work. About 7 doors from my house I take off the headphones and put them and the Ipod in the rucksack. I open the front door, at which point I hear the Teddy Baritone Bark. This is deep, and sometimes melodic. It is in contrast to his “how dare you put me in this crate” high-pitched window-cracker. It’s beautiful, and a little menacing. I stand in the porch and remove my footwear. Teddy approaches the door. I see his tail, wagging away. I pause. Am I ready? Am I really ready? Teddy stares. I open the door. “Get back, Teddy, get back” as I purposefully walk into the living room. “Back”. Because if he doesn’t, the shoes and bottom of my trousers are going to received some unwanted moisture. We get past the time when this does or does not happen, and it’s hello, paw paw, hello, kisses, hello and all simmers down. Sometimes he goes on the blanket by my wife’s feet and is off to sleep in minutes.)

Until next time, when I will have some more of my wife’s pictures from their walks, I promise, I hope you enjoyed this update.

2 thoughts on “Day 66 – Teddy’s Teething Troubles

  1. This was such a delightful read. I had a big smile on my face all the way through. It’s so interesting for me to learn about a puppy’s training and development. When I was growing up our family had two rescue dogs, but both were full grown when we brought them home.

    Teddy is a very handsome boy and I’m still spotting those long legs! I’m looking forward to seeing him full grown and look forward to your next blog with more photos.

    I’ve been trained by two kittens, not both at the same time, but that’s a different story!


  2. I love his ears!! He is really handsome.

    Also his original name seems appropriate, he is foxy. He reminds me of the foxes I meet in our street at night, that assessing stare…


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