Day 43 – The Curious Case Of The Dog Who Likes To Stay In

So we are now six weeks into the life of Teddy in our world. It has been an interesting and sometimes rewarding, sometimes frustrating, but rarely dull time, with the real progress in his education being seen many times, but still with the one issue that really continues to confound us – Teddy and his nipping.

His training of sit and stay is going superbly well. His toilet training is as much as we could ever have hoped. We’ve taken him on very short car rides, and he is getting a little better. His socialisation is going well – it was funny as he darted around a 1 year-old German Shepherd over the field yesterday and all the GS had to do was put his paw in Teddy’s face and the our little border collie went flat on his back in submission. (Incidentally, we saw the same owner last week, and he said he’s grown a lot this week. With us seeing him every day, you don’t really notice, other than he is getting heavier to carry down the stairs to the crate). But, in total contrast to our beloved Jake, Teddy is not sold on going out. When we want to take him for a walk we sometimes have to pursue him around the house to get the lead on him. It’s not that he hates his walks, on the contrary, he loves them and in contrast to Jake, he is terrific on the lead (Jake never ever was). But getting him to go out is a bit of a drama. Maybe it’s because he’s doesn’t like the beloved’s choice of outdoor garb!


And believe me, that isn’t all he has.

I have to admit the walk through the door as I return from work is a mixed experience. While I love to see him so keen to see me, the excitement wee is not always welcome, and sometimes the nipping on me as he is so excited is really disconcerting. Friday was particularly bad. It’s tough for me. But I know I need to find a way to cope with it. The beloved is with him all day, and I’m not. Teddy is noticeably better when I’ve been at home all day, or working from home. And if any of my work colleagues read this, I was solely responsible for the damaged laptop this week, and it had nothing to do with Teddy at all. It was all my fault and Teddy wasn’t even in the room when it happened.

We had some very light, and very short-lived snowfall earlier this week, and Teddy got to experience it. We may get some more later this week, and I’m sure the beloved will be out there with her camera. But here he is out in the snow this week…

img_4362 (2)

Last week we took him for an evening walk over the fields, and took some pictures as the sun was going down behind him. They came out really nicely and I shared one on Facebook. Here are the others, as well as this one. He walks really well over there, and even poses quite nicely for his pictures.


Teddy does some goofy stuff. He’s getting adjusted to the mirror – but on one occasion when he was in the spare room with me, in darkness, and the Ipod lit up as fully charged, casting a funny light, he got a look at his reflection (very faded) in the mirror and started growling. It amused me. There’s also when he sees his shadow on a duvet. He pounces on it, repeatedly, letting out a little squeal as he does. And as is typical with the breed, he doesn’t let it go.

We’ve registered the ownership change on the Kennel Club, so Ferrous Little Foxy Man is now our’s. He appears to have some Australian blood in him, too. Better check him for sandpaper. and ask if he plays his game the right way. We’ve changed his dry food, as we think he may have an allergic reaction, albeit mild, to the existing one. He has a ton of toys to play with, is getting more ball oriented, and loves the stair game that was Jake’s staple.

That’s always the way. I, like so many, live life based on learning and comparing from experience. It is important to note that where we are in the time on this planet with Teddy is only now the time we picked Jake up from Battersea Old Windsor 10 years ago. On 30 January 2009 a special border collie came into our lives. We have had Teddy for 6 of the first 15 weeks of his life. Jake was never really a biter, and when he did, he was easy to stop. Teddy is definitely sharper than Jake was when he picked him up, with toilet and training obviously in train. But as I said last night to a friend, Teddy has to live up to a wonder dog, and sometimes I feel I am hard on him because I want another Jake. I think it is only natural, and it is a view that needs to be suppressed.

I was out last night singing with our band – back after a couple of years – and people wanted to talk about Teddy. As my co-vocalist said on the life home last night “he is an absolutely adorable puppy – he has such a gorgeous face”. I don’t know. Does he?



Some may prefer him when he is asleep. And he loves sleep….


But most of all, we have another week under our belt, we’ve had some separation (having to go food shopping), he’s sleeping in a bit more, so the time is now 7 am rather than 6, and if we can cure the biting, we might really be in business. Now if we can just get him to want to go out.

Hopefully an update next week, but until then, as always, thanks for the views last week, and the really nice feedback on the post. It seems people love to hear about our little rascal.


Sunday 27th January



2 thoughts on “Day 43 – The Curious Case Of The Dog Who Likes To Stay In

  1. Hi loved reading your blog about Teddy,as I said I think I have Teddy’s sister Trouble Maker now calledFly don’t know much about her litter as She was 13 weeks when I collected her,Can you tell me how many were in the litter and what sex they were.
    I have not had a puppy for 40years as I have had rescue dogs so this is a great learning curve, but great fun


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