Day 18 – Happy New Year, Looking Forward

It already seems like a lot longer than 18 days we have had Teddy, and I’m not sure that this is a good or a bad thing, to be honest. With this also being the Holiday period, there’s been precious little chance to settle Teddy into a routine, which we know worked well with Jake. Now the decorations are packed away, the tree down, the overnight and timeout crate can be moved to it’s traditional position – the one where Jake’s was situated, and the first night out of either of the upstairs rooms went quite well. He will now get into that routine, if it kills us!

There’s also the issue of biting to deal with. Teddy is clearly teething at the moment, and yesterday in particular was bad. But we are getting there. He is biting notably less on human (i.e. me) hands and ankles, but still chewing away on blankets despite correction. Again, we’ll get there. We (I) do keep making comparisons with Jake, but we got him when he was nearly 4 months old, not 9 weeks, and the development in some of the social skills is much more advanced than with Jake. We also have to remember Jake spent at least 4 weeks in kennels (Battersea Old Windsor) before we got him. It is tempting to compare unfavourably with Jake, and I have to stop. Teddy is giving paw, learning sit and lay down well in advance of Jake. Jake was a little bit of a biter, but not a lot.

We had one incident, and we are still struggling to be honest, with a car journey. Teddy clearly hates them at the moment. It was a bright idea to take him on a short journey on New Years Day and leave him alone in the back. A telltale odour ten minutes in told us that this experiment had been a failure. Again, we’ll keep trying. For Teddy to take to the road, he’s going to need to get used to this.

Inside the house, we have installed a gate that doesn’t need you to bore holes in the wall. Teddy is understandably not keen in having his freedom curtailed, but at the moment it’s his owners in strife as they keep stubbing their toes on the damn thing. Teddy is a good eater – we have been told he is going to be big for the breed – but has a lovely trick of when he’s finished his food to pick up the dish and take it to the nearest human. I sometimes wonder if he’s got some cat in him. My brother thinks he should have been called Oliver.

The incident in the car apart, toilet training is going well. Teddy is very smart, and knows a visit to the garden and an eventual return after some expulsion of bodily waste will be rewarded with a treat. The quantum of deposit is not the important factor here. Hence sometimes we have 10 minutes between barks at the back door.

I’m still not convinced he isn’t hard of hearing.

Upcoming dates include the second vet visit on Saturday, for his booster. We have been advised that we can take him to the fields a week after that, and to be honest, we can’t wait. That energy has to be burned off. As you can tell from our pictures, Teddy has no problem sleeping. After that, it’s going to be “see if we can take him in the car without incident” training. We want to introduce him to the beach, and Footscray Meadows as soon as possible.

OK. Enough of me. Now what you really came for. The pictures. I keep meaning to add my wife’s pictures, and she has some really nice ones, but I need to download and then upload first. They will come. But here are mine from the last few days.

Happy New Year.

Red Eye and Sharp Teeth. All the better to bite me with….
A way to get rid of red eye is to put the picture in black and white…
Looks slightly unhinged in this one!
He does love a duvet
Am I mad, or is this a ridiculously long tail?
Get that camera out of my face
Still not sure he’s not part cat, the way he sleeps.
He is a happy little puppy!
He is a happy little puppy II – with a long tail
I love his eyes in this one – definitely a family trait.

Hope you enjoyed them all. Thanks for all the visits so far. I’m pleased people seem to like the site.


One thought on “Day 18 – Happy New Year, Looking Forward

  1. When I first got Best Cat and her cousin Red Cat, they were 3 months old. A friend gave me a lift to pick them up, in his brand new car. On the way home, Best Cat foamed at the mouth and then pooed and then Red Cat was sick. Fortunately they were in carriers, but the sweet smell of ‘new car interior’ was somewhat overwhelmed…

    However, they never did it again, and later journeys included several house moves as well as the vets. So obviously it was just all too much for two young animals. Hopefully Teddy’ll be the same.

    The trick of picking up the dish is adorable and suggests a very smart dog!


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