Teddy Over Christmas – Days 8-12

Day 12 of the Teddy experience. Since last we met we have had Christmas Day, when the little so and so was pretty poorly behaved – a few more toilet issues than he’s been experiencing, and also a run in with our friend’s dog – but we’ll put that down to excitement, but since then he’s been pretty good. He still bites a bit – not sinking his teeth in – but to much joy with this owner, we have now got “paw” down to a tee. He has the run of the house, which is probably not ideal, but the real test starts when the Christmas Tree comes down, and the bed /  crate is put in the living room. Then we’ll see how he reacts.

Oh yes, the Christmas Tree. I have, make that had, a nice little tree with lighted leaves purchased from France. Not any more. That cable died a death. When going to switch on the main tree lights on Christmas Night, there was no joy there too. A brief look, a severed cable, and that’s one put down to experience. The lower branches of our artifical tree are also being removed one by one. The joys of an energetic, bundle of, well, energy.

But let’s give you some good stuff. He’s fun, he loves to run, he’s great to alerting us to when he needs to go, his sleeping is improving, and he is listening a little bit more. And he’s super cute, so everyone tells us.

My wife has taken some pictures too, and I’ll add them to another post later. But here are some from this week…

They say “let sleeping dogs lie”
Get that camera away from me….
Death of a Christmas Tree
With My Toy…
I think this is my favourite yet – captures the essence of Teddy on Jake’s chair.
That Innocent Face…
Not quite learned the eye-roll yet
As seen on Facebook

Well, until the next time, it’s goodbye from me and the pocket dynamo, Teddy. It really feels like longer than 12 days we’ve had him.

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