Days 2 and 3 – Settling In

OK. So we’ve learned a couple of things so far. This is a lively puppy. A very lively one. He’s also very strong willed and already, extremely smart. We are going to have some work on our hands with this one. But Teddy is settling in well, wrapping both of us around his little paw, and bonding with both of us. On the first full day, having gone out to work, he wasn’t so sure when I came back. Indeed, when my brother came round, he was more happy to see him. But having spent all day with him working from home, and around the house, and with an earlier end to the working day, it’s been good. Teddy is particularly fond of my hands, and especially my wedding ring and my granddad’s ring. The dog likes gold.

So to some pictures from yesterday.

Called “What You Looking At?” and posted on Facebook yesterday

This one got a fair few likes on Facebook, it has to be said.

A little blurred…

On the left of the shot above is his favourite toy. It squeaks, but he also loves jumping at it. Jake had absolutely no time for it.

The Eyes Have It

Lots of people on Facebook say how much they love his eyes. The fingers in this picture are also a little creepy. Might be my brother’s…..

He Has One Thing In Common With Jake – He won’t look at the bloody camera

And finally, the best one of him so far, and now the lead image for the blog…


Melts this old heart.

More, probably, at the end of the week. His first vet appointment is on Saturday. As people who have gone through the death, quite suddenly and in my view, an early age, so recently, we are naturally really worried. He seems super fit, super energetic, a bundle of life, but so did Jake until the summer. I know, I shouldn’t worry. But I do.

There are so many emotions running through my head at the moment. I couldn’t care a jot about Christmas. I miss my old friend Jake more than words can describe. I love this little bundle of joy, especially when he covers you in kisses after you’ve let him out of his crate (which he is having mixed experiences with – went down well tonight, not so well this afternoon), but I don’t want to compare him to Jake, although I know I will. Indeed, at times I’m calling him Jake. I don’t know if fellow pet owners feel the same way, but I do. I am putting up my favourite Jake pics on Facebook day by day, and it is getting a nice response. He will never leave my heart. Tomorrow’s one actually induced tears when putting it together.

But there is Teddy. And right now, life is a little brighter, a little more hectic, and a little more fun with him around. Please God let him be that for a long, long time. I know it will do me a world of good.

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