Teddy – The Introductions

Here are a number of photos from the weekend.

Teddy (known in the breeder’s house as Foxy, with his brother Smiler) – Shhh! Don’t tell Teddy that Smiler was our first choice but had been sold. Smiler is now known as Jagger.

There were four puppies to choose from. We loved both Smiler and Foxy, and we also adored Dave, who was a black and white border collie, in the same vein as Jake, but who was so mellowed, and so chilled out, that we were a bit concerned. He was also the littlest one. There was also Trouble, the female, who was, shall we say, very lively.

After a discussion we plumped for Foxy, as someone had indicated they wanted Smiler before us and fair’s fair. (He has been homed as well). The following are pictures from yesterday.

In the car – he didn’t handle it brilliantly, but it was a stressful old time
Finding his quiet space.
Totally enthralled by Liverpool v Manchester United

So far Teddy has found a hiding place under the Christmas Tree – we’ll need to do something about that – and has learned to do his business on the puppy training pads. He had a reasonable night, certainly not in Jake’s league for noise (Jake was a terror for the first few nights), but we have a way to go with his training, that’s for sure! But he is utterly cute, totally mischievous, adored by his neighbours, and already seared into our hearts.

I will never forget Jake. Teddy is not a replacement. He never will be. He has a lot to live up to, but he doesn’t have to be Jake. That I’m saying this probably means I had a way to go before an ideal time to pick up a new dog, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had reservations. But putting this cuddly little ball of fur in your arms, and him dropping off to sleep melts the heart. And that’s what it is all about.

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