Say Hello To Teddy

Teddy the border collie. After a lot of discussion and elimination of the names like Freddie, Reggie, Rufus and others, we settled on Teddy.  Teddy is a red tricolour border collie, purchased from a breeder in Hertfordshire. He is 9 weeks old, and we brought him home yesterday. Since then he has been a bundle of energy, he’s been the subject of my most liked post on Facebook, and he will become a social media dog – all being well.

He spent his first day darting about in the living room, hiding under the Christmas tree, deciding on his “quiet space” which intersects with the cupboard under our stairs and its door opening space, and had a relatively quiet – that is not moaning all night like Jake did on his first few days – first night in the house.

A couple of rules of the house – this house, not my house. All photos including his owners will be posted on Facebook, or Instagram. If you know me, you can see them. Email me if you need a link. The second is I might do a lot of comparisons to Jake – our first border collie and an absolute gem of a dog – and I make no apologies for that, so don’t call me out on it. Thirdly, don’t judge us. If you don’t like a dog being photographed, then this isn’t for you.

So here is Teddy!


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